Microchip and Wellness Clinics


We have established new protocols to be able to bring back our wellness clinics to our patients in the safest way possible. If you plan to attend our wellness clinics, please read this ahead of time so you know how to prepare and what to expect.

Rascal Unit Wellness Clinic Information for clients


Please print and fill these forms (one per pet, double side if possible) before the clinic to speed up the check in process

Dog Wellness Clinic Paperwork Upd May 2020

Cat Wellness Clinic Paperwork Upd May 2020


The Rascal Unit will be conducting Wellness and Microchip clinics at different locations throughout Ohio. These clinics are on a walk-in basis. Check out the list below for where the Rascal Team will be next! (Microchip only clinics are in red letters).

We utilize SaveThisLife.com microchips, which are detected by all commonly used scanners (HomeAgain, AVID, and Crystal Tag). These are better known as ‘Google my Pet’ chips. You can obtain more information about how the chip and service works by visiting SaveThisLife.com.


This price list is only for travel clinic clients. For pricing at the Dublin hospital, please contact the Rascal Animal Hospital at (614) 791-7729 or visit www.rascalanimalhospital.com

Prices subject to change based on our cost increases. Laboratory services and pet products may have a different pricing the day of the clinic. Please ask the hosting group about current pricing at check in.

Non Surgical Services Pricing upd May 2020

You can speed up checking by filling these forms ahead of time (one per pet)

Dog Wellness Clinic Paperwork Upd May 2020

Cat Wellness Clinic Paperwork Upd May 2020


Non-Surgical Examination or evaluation (excludes microchip only or nail trims): $10 per pet


Dog DHLPP          $12                   Cat FVCRP $10

Dog Bordetella        $12               Cat Leukemia $17

Dog Rabies           $8                    Cat Rabies $8

Dog Lyme        $27

Dog Influenza      $35                                      .


Preventive Care

Canine heartworm test  $20

Feline Leukemia and FIV test $27

Fecal exam  $20 – $35

Microchip placement and registration $25 (includes insertion, registration and lifetime maintenance). Visit www.savethislife.com for more information.

Other Services

Anal Gland expression: $15

Nail Trim: $10 (surgery patients can receive a nail trim at no charge). Our staff may decline doing nail trims on pets that are too fractious or that may injure themselves without sedation.

We carry Milbegard (generic Interceptor), Vectra 3D, Bravecto, and Drontal Plus for dogs, and Profender, Catego, Revolution, and Bravecto for cats. We have limited supplies due to space. For a longer supply for patients we have examined, please visit our online pharmacy at VetSource.

A heartworm test or proof of a negative heartworm test is required prior to prescribing heartworm prevention for patients 6 months or older. Patients are considered to be over 6 months of age once their canine teeth have completely erupted. We will not dispense heartworm prevention to animals that have not been seen by our doctors and without heartworm testing or proof of current negative heartworm test.

Rascal Unit wellness clinics are cash or credit card.

2020 Wellness and Microchip Clinic Schedule

*** Microchip and wellness clinics are cash or credit only ***


October 9th: Mutts & Co in Dublin (Sawmill Rd) from 2pm to 6pm

October 23rd: Mutts & Co in Westerville (Polaris) from 2pm to 6pm

October 30th: Mutts & Co in Lewis Center from 2pm to 6pm


November 6th: Mutts & Co in New Albany from 2pm to 6pm

November 13th: Mutts & Co in Dublin (Sawmill Rd) from 2pm to 6pm

November 20th: Mutts & Co in Hilliard from 2pm to 6pm


December 11th: Mutts & Co in Dublin (Sawmill Rd) from 2pm to 6pm


*** Microchip and wellness clinics are cash or credit only ***

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