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The Rascal Unit will be conducting Wellness and Microchip clinics at different locations throughout Ohio. These clinics are on a walk-in basis. Check out the list below for where the Rascal Team will be next! (Microchip only clinics are in red letters).

We utilize SaveThisLife.com microchips, which are detected by all commonly used scanners (HomeAgain, AVID, and Crystal Tag). These are better known as ‘Google my Pet’ chips. You can obtain more information about how the chip and service work by visiting SaveThisLife.com.



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The HOPE vaccine clinics are sponsored by Central Ohio Pit Savers and intended to help pet owners provide affordable vaccinations for their pets. Breeders and litters are not allowed at these clinics but may use Rascal Units regular wellness clinics.

The vaccine clinics are held monthly around the Central Ohio area thanks to the mobile Rascal Animal Unit, and each dog vaccine is $10. We offer the Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo combo, and Rabies. It is so important to vaccinate your pets to prevent deadly diseases such as Distemper and Parvo. **To bring the mobile unit out COPS pays $1000 each time. If you’d like to sponsor a clinic, please email us at copitsavers@gmail.com**